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Terms & Conditions

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Legal Provisions

The Road Traffic Act 1960 and other statutory provisions regulate the hiring of the vehicle,  its use and the conveyance and behaviour of passengers. The Hirer undertakes to comply  with all laws and regulations relating to contract operations.

Terms of Hire

The confirmation details are our understanding of your requirements and summarises the  service which we will supply. Please check the details to ensure that they are correct and  notify us at once of any errors or changes. Any alterations to a booking are not guaranteed  unless reconfirmed by us. 

The shortest and most direct route in both directions will be taken unless otherwise  requested, in which case the hirer will be liable for any extra charges. Although the company  will aim to complete the journey in the times required, we cannot accept responsibility for  the consequence of delays caused by circumstances or events which we could not foresee or  are beyond our control and will not be liable for any loss or inconvenience. 

The company reserves the right to substitute other operator’s vehicles in lieu of its own on  any journey or part thereof. The company reserves the right to substitute a larger vehicle  than that required for the journey. 

Driver’s hours and rest periods are regulated by law and must be complied with.  

Conduct on vehicle

The hirer will be held responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle or vehicles as a  result of negligence or any willful act by any member of the party. 

Loss or damage to personal property and liability for injury

Whist we take all reasonable care with passengers’ luggage and other items, the company  will not be responsible for any damage to, or loss of, any personal property left in the  vehicles. Upon reaching your destination, it is your responsibility to ensure that all personal  belongings are removed before the coach departs. Personal insurance of luggage and  valuables is strongly recommended. 

The company will not accept any liability for damage, injury or loss to any passenger  standing up or walking on the vehicle whilst in motion, nor any passengers who are not  wearing a seat belt. 

Food and drink

Consumption and or carrying of alcohol in the passenger compartment of company vehicles  is strictly prohibited. Please take litter with you, and should any spillages occur which cause  damage to the vehicle, the customer will be liable. Smoking or vaping is strictly prohibited.  Chewing gum is not allowed on our vehicles due to an increased difficulty in removing from  the floors and seats. 

Confirmation – Payment

Payment is required no later than 2 weeks prior to the date of hire, unless stated otherwise.  Deposits will be taken at our discretion. 

Additional charges

The company reserves the right to impose additional charges on the Hirer following  completion of the hire if the passengers have left the vehicle in any unreasonably untidy  condition or having required additional time or mileage which was not included in the  original booking. 

Although we will always endeavour to avoid parking fees sometimes they are unavoidable  and will be the responsibility of the client. This includes parking at Stadiums, Zoos and  Exhibition Centres, etc. If you require this fee to be included in your booking please contact  us. 

Cancellation by Hirer

In the event of cancellation of hire by the Hirer the following scale of charges will apply:

  • 2 weeks prior 25% of the hire charge 
  • Less than 7 days 50% of the hire charge 
  • Less than 48 hours 75% of the hire charge 
  • On the day – full charge, no refund


National Emergency

In the event of a national emergency, strike or for any reason beyond the control of the  company, the company reserves the right to cancel any booking and to refund the monies  without further obligation. 


Complaints regarding the company’s vehicles, drivers or officials, or concerning any other  matter relating to the contract should be made in writing within 14 days of the hire. 

Out of hours

Please call 01753 821310 and you will be redirected to our on call emergency numbers.